Cosmetic Dentures

At Confident Smile Studio in Algodones, Mexico, it is our objective to preserve your natural teeth if at all possible. Sometimes, though, we must resort to dentures. Usually it's in the instance of:


1) Having a pre-existing denture that you want replaced with cosmetic dentures or high-end porcelain or acrylic teeth (to the Confident Smile Studio standard).


2) There is the presence of such massive decay and advanced periodontal disease present. The most predictable and effective option might be a beautiful denture.


Cosmetic dentures are unique and individual in construction. A great emphasis is placed on providing dentures that mimic the patients’ teeth before they were extracted or what the patient perceives as “the perfect smile”.


The patient may have had a gap between their front teeth or teeth that crossed over slightly and they would like to incorporate these unique characteristics in their new dentures for a realistic, lifelike set of totally customised dentures, make just for you and your requirements.


We ask patients to bring a photo of themselves before their teeth were extracted, or a list of customised features they would like incorporated in the manufacture of their new dentures.


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